January 11, 2012

A New Obsession

Everybody and their brother has been telling me for weeks about this wonderfully fantastic website that I just HAD to join:  Pinterest.  They insisted that I would fall in love and spend hours of my life "pinning" things - whatever that means - and find great little tidbits.  It even has an iPhone app (what doesn't these days?).  So a blogging bud of mine sent me an invite, and a few short hours later, a monster was born. 

Pinterest is SO COOL.   They have pictures and ideas for everything.  Literally, everything.  You can type in just about any keyword and a bajillion images pop up for your perusal.  I wasted a good three hours looking up fitness, food and humorous.  Made my day. 

I'm sharing my newfound obsession with you guys for two reasons:

ONE:  Come join me in this fantastical world.  If I'm going down, I'm taking everybody with me.  My username is easy:  beabeautiful 

TWO:  I found a lot of great motivational phrases and photos, recipes, exercise and fitness tips, etc.  It's a weight loss gold mine.  Seriously. 

I'm going to share a few of the treasures I found last night.  Enjoy!


I love it!

fitness tips

Arm Exercise
Lots of these little how-to things!

100 Healthy Snack Ideas to help you reach your weight loss goals!
Snack ideas

Recipes for Good Health & Weight Loss in 2012
Healthy/weight loss recipes for 2012

Like I've said before, small victories.

Jump on the bandwagon!


  1. Thank you for sharing these. Just what I needed to read today :)

  2. I've spent a bit of time on there looking at it but no I'm not a member.

  3. "Sweat Is Fat Crying."
    That's great!

  4. I can get sucked in to a black hole of time on that site. I LOVE pinterest, glad you found it and joined.

  5. I have heard of the site but never been there really should go and check it out as everyone reckons it is a great site........

  6. I'm obsessed with Pinterest as well. >.< I can't believe the hours I waste just pinning and re pinning pictures.

  7. It does look fun. I'm sure I'll join soon!

  8. Haha I especially like the couch one at the end. I have a pinterest too - it is pretty fun/time sucking!

  9. I guess they don't want me on Pinterest. I 'requested and invite' yesterday and never heard back. Sigh.

  10. lol pinterest is this black hole and like 2 hours later you realize you've been "pinning"!!! I love it though it's fantastic for getting ideas, finding funny things, or gorgeous photos