January 8, 2012

Feeling Good

Stepped on the scale this morning.  I know they all say (just who are THEY, by the way?  They say an awful lot about everything.) you should only weigh once a week, but really, who does that?  Every time I walk into my bathroom I see it beckoning me.  So this morning I caved, and so far I have lost thirteen pounds.

THIRTEEN POUNDS.  That's a baby Labrador.  Or a big watermelon.

Thirteen extra pounds of knee-killing, back-aching fat that is gone forever from my body.  I'm ecstatic.

Not just about the pounds, because I still have a VERY LONG way to go.  I'm so beyond thrilled because I am sticking to my new eating plan, and enjoying it.  I don't feel like I'm being starved or forced to eat yucky food.  It's all good, healthy food, and I love it.  I'm walking every day for 30 minutes.  My mother and a friend of hers have been walking with me, which makes the time go by faster and is a way to encourage each other.  That makes me happy.  Also, my mother power walks like those crazy ladies you see on the side of the road booking it with a fanny pack and a visor on, so walking with her is just a teensy step down from jogging.   I'm drinking TONS of water.  Besides my morning and afternoon cups of coffee (with no creamer and a tiny bit of sugar -working it out slowly), all I drink is water.

I feel good.  I'm sleeping better.  My legs hate me, but that just means it's working.

Also, the other day Jo-Anne over at Jo-Anne's Ramblings gave me my first blogging award for this blog, the Reader's Appreciation Award.
That's very sweet and I appreciate it.  I know I have to pass it on so I'll do that in the next couple of days.  Thank you, Jo-Anne.  If you aren't already following her, go on over and check her blog out.  She's great.

So I'm definitely keeping in mind that I still have a very long way to go on this journey, but the knowledge that my efforts are working fuels my fire and makes me that much more eager to continue on the path to good health.

Happy Sunday!


  1. 13 pounds! That's fantastic!
    And isn't the best thing about it is what you wrote last post-you feel better? To hell with society's perceptions of beauty (they're skewed, anyway). It's better just to feel better, right?

  2. YESSSSS!! 13 pounds is a big deal, my friend. Congratulations! And congrats on the award too. You're certainly deserving of that.

    And good for you on making such positive, yet tiny changes. All of those things are amazing. You inspire me!

  3. WOW!!! 13 pounds?!?! That's an incredible success! Kepp on going, girl!

  4. Hey B., I just noticed you're following my DEAD blog;), that's the one I'm updating:

    Kisses from Poland!

  5. Oo pretty good :D following ;]

  6. Stumbled here from 20sb - good luck and congrats! 13 pounds is amazing!!

  7. congrats, lady! you're inspiring me to be healthier!

    ps. I really love your blog. I don't think I said that before.

  8. YAY Congrats that is amazing!!! You are doing wonderful!!! Keep it up!! Well be skinny girl soul mates for sure haha!!!