January 9, 2012


I think if ever I feel like I'm losing momentum, or my willpower is slipping away, I should have some kind of go-to list of reminders why I got fed up with being fat in the first place, and reasons I have to stick to it.  Health reasons aside, here's a few:

  • Fat people hate summer.  Sweat, shorts, tank tops, swimsuits, swim birthday parties, beaches = all various forms of awful when you're fat. 
  • Crossing my legs at the knees.  Here's a picture to be sure you understand what I mean:
I haven't been able to do that since I was a freshman in high school.  Know why?  My thighs are too big.  How much does that suck?
  • Dresses.  It matters not what fabric, color, accessories you use.  Fat girls just do not look good in dresses because we have lumps, bulges and bloat.  Everywhere.  (Note: I love dresses, and plan to own dozens once I reach my goal!)
  • Joints.  No, not those you potheads.  I'm talking about joint pain.  Knees.  Ankles.  Back.  I can't run more than a few yards before my knees reject the amount of weight on them.  It's super-easy to twist your ankle when you're large.  Again, too much weight.  The back muscles support the stomach weight, so when there's excess weight in the stomach, the back suffers. 
  • Airplanes.  I've fortunately never been so large an airplane seatbelt wouldn't fit around my waist, but a few times I've had to loosen the strap as far as possible to hook it.  Also, those seats are tiny anyway.  Squeeze a fat chick into one and NOBODY wants to sit next to her. 
  • Sex.  Now, don't get me wrong, I am a happily married woman with a very healthy marriage.  My husband apparently has some brain malfunction because while seeing myself naked in the mirror provokes the urge to scream, the husband thinks I'm sexy.  I don't question it, I just thank God for it.   However, it would be nice to look in the mirror and think, "Now that chick's HOT."  Or better yet, maybe buy some lingerie that is actually small pieces of fabric, not yards of it.  Also, we could probably get much more creative in the bedroom if I weighed less.  Don't want to break furniture.
  • High heels.  Okay, so I know lots of women complain about wearing heels, even if they're small.  Still, I am afraid of wearing thin heels for fear that they'll snap under the weight.  I'm stuck with clunky heels and wedge shoes.  I want to wear hooker shoes, y'all.  AND have the killer calves to go with them. 
  • Jeans.  I love jeans.  I'm totally a jeans and t-shirt kinda gal.  Boot-cut is the least insulting type of jean I wear (I don't want to say most flattering, because there is none).  You will never see me in a skinny jean, because I feel like if I wanted to wear something that form-fitting it would probably be tights, but it would be nice to wear cute little low-rise jeans and not worry about a muffin top or my thighs looking like they're trying to bust through the fabric. 
Geez, I'm motivating myself by the minute here.
  • Sports.  I love softball, basketball and football.  I played the first two all through elementary and junior high school.  I was really good at them, too.  Now I would love to play on adult co-ed leagues with my cousins and friends, but feel like I'm way too out of shape for that.  Running the bases would probably leave me gasping for air.  That's embarrassing. 
  • Amusement Parks.  Sure, I love the thrill of a roller coaster as much as the next chick.  The most embarrassing thing in the world is walking up to get on a ride and then seeing a weight limit, which is usually 200 or 250 pounds.  I'm always over that.  No ride for me.
  • Confidence.  I hate walking into a room, meeting people for the first time, walking through restaurants and shopping stores.  I always, always, always feel like when people look at me they're thinking God, she's fat or something equally awful.  I'm sure not all of them are, but some are.  I don't want to feel like that anymore.
I think that's a pretty good list for a first go.  So any time I'm having a down day, or feeling like giving up, I'm going to come back to this list and remind myself why I started this lifestyle change, and why I will keep fighting until I reach my goal.   Maybe they'll help some of you guys as well!


  1. Not even BSing you, but I'm printing this out and posting it in my room to remind me of my own goals. This is a fabulous post. Beautifully written. And our goals are similar, so it's right in line with my own weight loss goals, minus the kids.

    If I had an award, you'd win for this!

  2. Thank you! I was hoping others who are on a weight loss plan would find this helpful, too! :)

  3. It takes courage, commitment and perseverance to make any lasting change in the habits we adopt. We all battle with slipping back into old ways. Your list is a great means of reminding yourself why you want to stick with your programme. I am one of many who are cheering your progress, one day at a time. I am embarking on the same journey and know just how easy it is to lose sight of the end goal, when the day to day progress seems so insignificant and so often, insurmountable.

  4. This big girl also loves jeans but finding jeans that look good on is not that easy to do most makes are just not really made for a big woman. I also love wearing dresses and have a number of sleveless ones that I do not like and have no idea why on earth I bought them as they make my arms look so bloody big..........Should I move onto shorts which I only like wearing around the house never out shopping as I have short fat legs and it's not a good look......lol

  5. I love and hate jeans simultaneously. I love them in that they're one of the few kinds of pants I can pull off. I hate them because it depresses me when they're tight, and skinny jeans are Satan for anyone who has thighs.

    I'm a sweatpant kind of girl, and it's not helping the weight issue. :/

    That aside, I love this post. You're so honest and your motivators are awesome. Good luck with your goals and feel good about yourself!

  6. I agree with B, this is a marvellous post.. reminds me again and again to keep my goals and not give up.. I hope you are doing well with your plans.. =)

  7. AHh I love this list!! I was sitting in church sunday and I realized I could cross my legs a little bit more than I could before. I used to always try to cross my legs and always thought everyone who was in the room with me thought look at that fat girl she can't even cross her legs. Love this list! How awesome it is going to be to be able to check/cross these things off the list after you reach your goal or maybe before then and have these things no longer be an issue!! Keep up the good work!!!

  8. I think confidence and being happy with your own image really are the only motivators you need.

  9. wow, amazing post! This made me want to go kick butt. You're determination inspires me to get other things in my life accomplished.

  10. This is a great article! I was overweight for a period of time myself and for me confidence was the biggest problem. It's hard to put yourself out there and meet new people. It's cool that you're being so open and writing about all of this!

  11. good list of encouragement for anyone with a difficult goal....

    I love this list so much I want to print it out and eat it the next time I get hungry because paper doesn't have calories right?!

  13. I'm kinda tearing up right now, because I'm pretty sure we have the same life. We may be the same person. I'm not sure. Every single one of the things you listed is EXACTLY what I've listed. I'm excited to have you on board with B's new project.