January 24, 2012

Introducing Bea

On the new group blog, Different Paths, Same Destination.  Today is my intro day.  Go on over and check it out here!  Also, follow the blog as well as the other writers.  They're all awesome!

Oh AND since my last post we've welcomed an additional blogger to the new blog, and she's sweet, funny and super excited to be joining us.  I love her bunches!  Ashley from Finding the Skinnier Me is her name, weight loss is her game.  Go on over and follow her as well. Welcome, Ash!

Why are you still here?  Go now!


  1. Nice to know I'm not the only one who was telling people to go elsewhere today.

  2. Good read! I left a constructive response on the other blog, here is tl;dr version - well done, I'm sure you'll do bloody great!

  3. Thank you for the follow. I'll be reading all of you girls post on your new website. I followed you here as well.

  4. How exciting! How inspiring! XD I look forward to reading.