January 5, 2012

It's not just about being smokin' hot (though that is a motivator)

Whenever most people are on a diet, they frequently say things like, "When I'm all thin and sexy..", "Just wait until I'm hot and skinny..", and other references to being some form of small and a sex goddess.   I'll be honest, I dream about the day I can give Jessica Biel a run for her money and make Justin Timberlake see what he's been missing all these years.   (Don't tell my husband I said that.)  Though it's definitely motivation to lose weight, it's not ALL about that.  

My father's side of the family has an abysmal health history:  childhood diabetes, Type 2 diabetes, heart disease.  In my paternal grandmother's family, four of the five siblings (including my grandmother) have died from some form of cancer.  My own father had a heart attack at 32 (though he suffered no permanent damage to his heart, thank God).  My mother's side is ridiculously healthy.  My great-grandfather lived to be 94, and my great-grandmother is still kicking at 95 and is healthier than most people.  I've always hoped I inherited my mother's family's good health genes and that my dad's side somehow miraculously didn't transfer.  Not likely.

I'm 27 with two small children.  I want to someday be 70 with grandchildren, 80 with great-grandchildren.   If I want to make it that long, I can't be large and in charge.  I've got to be healthy and fit.    This is something that has kept me up nights, worrying about whether or not I'd live to see my kids grow up.  You shouldn't have to think about things like that at 27.  I'm not going to anymore.  

Also, when I began seriously changing up my eating habits, I realized just how much junk we allow our kids to eat.  It's awful.  I told my husband that it's up to us to instill in our kids an active lifestyle and healthy eating habits, otherwise one day they're going to wake up 27 and 280 pounds.  I don't want that for my kids.  I don't want them to spend summers wishing Fall would come so they don't have to wear a swimsuit.  I don't want them hating school dances because they have to shop in plus-size departments for ugly old lady dresses while their girlfriends get to show off in skimpy little pieces of fabric.  I don't want them to feel insecure and ugly and worthless.  I've been there and done that.  I refuse to let it happen to my kids.  

I refuse.  

So no, it's not just about being smokin' hot.  It's about being around for my kids, and ensuring they live a happy and healthy life.  


  1. For me it's not about being smokin' hot (although I agree on wanting to give Biel a run for her money), it's about feeling good. Feeling healthy and good about the way I look in the mirror. I don't have to be a size 2, but smaller than what I am now would be awesome.

  2. Over from Jo-Anne's Ramblings....

    You don't have to be skinny to be smokin' hot. You also put your finger right on it. Despite what Billy Crystal playing Fernando Lamas says, "It's NOT better to rook mahvelous. It's better to feel mahvelous."
    Like you, I want to be an 80 year-old grandfather (except you don't want to be a grandFATHER...I know what you mean).
    My father had Type 2 diabetes brought on by his official cause of death: morbid obesity.
    And that was NOT smokin' hot.
    Or mahvelous.

  3. I am also here from Jo-Anne's Ramblings. I admire your determination to live a healthy life and to want to instil those sound building blocks in the minds of your children. As someone who comes from a good, long lived line and who was always fairly slender, I am now carrying an excess of midriff blubber and, to be honest, it came on so stealthily and seemingly easily, but it's proving well nigh impossible to give it the boot. I am not happy being overweight. I know how to eat well, yet I consistently find myself sabotaging my efforts. At almost 57, I ought to know better. I do know that the bigger the issue I make of it, the worse it becomes. I feel ones mindset has a lot to do with being both slim and overweight.

  4. Just found you today and your post caught my attention! I truly belive God created our bodies to adjust to the "design" for each individual size....I have struggled with weight issue, not being overly heavy but uncomfortable heavy. I have weighed about 20 lbs more than I should since menopause, about six-seven years now....I truly belive we are to honor as "body" as the temple of the Holy Spirit...and I started seeking God on how to manage my weight....he led me by so many confirmations, that eating raw, or meaning = stop cooking our food ...the heat destroys the good of the food and therefore we cannot get satisfied, and to stop eating the meat of today's market, or animal by-products....the hardest item for me to have to give up with my CHEESE...I love let me say love ...ColbyJack Cheese....my mouth waters now just thinking of it ....I purchase a Champion juice for morning robust...around 5:30 -- I juice 4 carrots 1 large red delicious apple...this makes almost a quart ...this is pure health going into your blood stream....about two hours later I will drink a Green Smoothie < made with my VitaMix > this consist of 1/4 cup of almond milk < original or vanilla > 1 banana and about 2 large handful of baby spinach leaves 1/2 cup of ice...blend ...it sounds aweful but I promise you it is delish..if you like bananas that is what it taste like: remove white flour white sugar ...stop with soda's ....candy ....donuts...! Our diet here in America is "SAD" Standard American Diet ...just google ...raw diet ...and also hallelujah acres....and begin to research and you will begin to understand all of the health issues mankind has brought on themselves by wrong food consumption....! I think Desiree hit the nail on the head also ..."mindset"....we say with our mouth one thing but our heart truly belives another ....this is why I have done intense researching on this topic and I know that I know ....the loss of energy is due to the wrong foods that one consumes! Think about it pray about it ....I have lost some of the 20 lbs and at night I do 15 crunches for the belly muscles...I stop trying to reach unobtainable goals ....just day by day ...I have also removed the microwave, and stop using alumimun products of any kind...I cook with cast iron or glass now ..... Happy Researching