February 22, 2012

It's a Mardi Gras miracle! Seriously.

If you're thinking I've been a total cheater and have dedicated no time at all to my Fat Girl blog and ALL of my blogging time to the Different Paths, Same Destination blog....you're right.    However, let me clarify that my "blogging time" has been almost nonexistent for the past few weeks. 

Anyhoo, I want to tell you guys about a phenomenon I experienced this morning.  First, if you missed my post over on the group blog yesterday, Mardi Gras, That Bitch, then you should go read that first and then come back.  I'll wait.

I'm trusting you actually went and read it.  I BELIEVE IN YOU.

So, after being a complete food whore over the past two weeks, I was dreading trying to get back into the good food groove again.  I was bothered though, because I wanted to know just how bad I screwed up.  How much of that weight had I gained back because of my shenanigans (man, I love that word)?  How many stones would I have to take out of my "pounds lost" jar?  At the same time, I didn't want to know how bad I screwed up.  Just pretend it never happened. 

Despite my apprehension about it, this morning I stepped on the scale, took a few deep breaths, then looked down to see the damage. 


Wait, what?  I had LOST two pounds?  What.The.French.Toast? I shook my head, looked down again.  Yep, two pounds lighter than before my wagon abandonment.  I stepped off, stepped back on.  Still two pounds lighter. 

It was a Mardi Gras miracle!! 
I love this little meme baby.
I don't know how it happened, but I'm not going to question it.  I'm just going to breathe a HUGE sigh of relief and get back on the horse. 

Also, I got to take two stones out of the "pounds to go" jar and put them in the "pounds lost" jar.  Whoop!


  1. Congratulations!! I lost a pound somehow too! Hahaha! Cupcakes and Tastykakes must be good for me after all. Okay, maybe not, but I'll take that little pound, name him Arthur and kick his ass off MY ass!

    I'm so proud of you!! Way to go!
    *monster hugs*

  2. Congratulations, it's always best to lose something when you think you've gained. Though gaining when you think you've lost sucks ass :'(

  3. I think me and you need to have a little chat about your weight loss methods. It's obviously working for you. Congrats!

  4. So what I'm hearing is eat nothing but fried shrimp for a week and lose weight? I can back that diet 100%!

    Good for you! I know you were super stressed about it!

    I am very intrigued by your "pounds lost" jar and I kind of feel like that's something I'd like to do.

  5. Congrats! I seem to be heading in the opposite direction and need to get a quick grasp on it...