February 10, 2012


School has taken over my life.  That bitch.

Anyhoo, I have been around, but mostly over at Different Paths, Same Destination (the group weight loss blog). It is off to a FANTASTIC start, and I think it's because the women taking part in it are all awesome, wonderful women.

So, I posted over on that blog earlier this week, but forgot to send you guys there (if you're not following it already).  It's Tragically Skewed - my take on today's views of what beauty and healthy is.  Some people got pretty opinionated in the comments.  Does that make me more interesting?  I'm going to go with yes.

Go check it out, and don't stop loving me.  Hate the institution.  Damn you, higher education.


  1. We all know to hate the game, not the player. This logic applies elsewhere too.

    1. I'm with Mark. And we all know you're a HUGE player. The best in the game. <3

  2. For me school was always a bitch.............lol yeah I know that wasn't what you meant but oh well it was...............lol

  3. I'm loving the weight loss blog so far!

    I'm hoping you haven't already been tagged - if not, you have now! Questions and rules are on my blog :) (Let's hope this madness ends soon!)


    GM x