April 3, 2013

Bring on the blender

One of my most favorite things about my lifestyle changes (both the current one and ALL of the previous efforts before it) is the fact that I genuinely love healthy food.  Granted, I also love fried chicken and chocolate-covered anything, but still... I thoroughly enjoy a nice salad, fresh fruit, a bowl of grapes and strawberries.  I love foods I had previously assumed I'd hate: bean sprouts, tofu, kale.  It's all good in my hood.  But something that has always been a favorite of mine and has grown into an absolute must-have for me:  SMOOTHIES.
I just LOVE 'em!

Strawberry, banana, blueberry, acai berry, doesn't matter what it is, I'm a fan.  What makes smoothies even more awesome is the fact that even if you're not a fan of things like kale or spinach, you can throw a few pieces into the blender with your fruit smoothie and you'll never taste it.  It's a win-win, people.  

I typically buy the bags of frozen fruit in the freezer section at the grocery for my smoothies.  You know, the just-add-milk deals?  So easy and they taste great.  I wish I could experiment more with fresh fruits, but the stuff is so dang expensive.  I do plan to try out a few new recipes, however.  Strawberry-banana smoothies get old after a while.  

Do any of you guys ever try out new smoothie recipes?  Let me know if you have any good ones! 


  1. I tried to get in to smoothies before, I really did, but much like most new things I have tried they ended up being forgotten about. I did used to drink them a lot though. I would mix bananas and apples in mine.

  2. Mrs. Penwasser has a smoothie every day and loves them. I probably would, too. I've just never tried them. Beer probably wouldn't go so good with frozen fruit, you know.